Ascot United supporting Silent Support Weekend


Crowd at Ascot v Wycombe celebrating

Ascot United will once again support the County FA’s Silent Support initiative during the weekend of the 25th and 26th of February.

“For this second weekend on the 25-26 February 2023 we want to hear from our youth players and find out how to make the game better for them so they can improve as players and a team. 
We received feedback from over 3000 people who participated last time around, and we’ve taken that on board to tailor this second Silent Support Weekend. This time around the coaches will be permitted to coach throughout the match, with parents and supporters showing their backing from the side-lines through applause only. This allows the players to not only step up but feel they can get support from their coach if they need too.”

From Berks & Bucks FA statement

East Berks Football Alliance encourage Spectators to show their support by applauding good play from both teams but refraining from Coaching or Shouting at Players of either teams.

Managers/coaches will be able to coach through the match. (These Managers/coaches are those identified on the EBFA Team sheets). The two teams Managers/Coaches must co-ordinate before the match, as to whether their teams are supporting the Silent Support Weekend and then Managers/Coaches must brief their supporters before the match. If the opposition club/team officials, supporters, or members of the public, do not support or breach the Silent Support Weekend ethos of supporter applause only, then Clubs/Teams and Team Supporters SHALL and MUST NOT take any action at the matches. Silent Support Weekend is not compulsory.
Any interventions could lead to conflict situations, which could negatively impact the Players, Officials and Referees involved in the EBFA Fixture. Any comments of any poor, good, bad, negative or excellent experiences of the FA’s additional Silent Support Weekend, can be added to the End of Report section of the EBFA Team Marks and Respect Report by the Team Officials after the match.

The following correspondence has come from EBFA Chair Ian Nile.



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