Girls Development Centre


Girl's Development Centre launch

The Girl’s Development Centre is the start of the journey at Ascot United.

At our Girls Development Centre sessions, our main focus is for the girls to have fun but also learn lots of key skills for their football journey.

Development is our aim – when the girls join us we will help them to become better players by learning lots of different skills, rules, team work, perseverance and respect which are all an important part of playing the game.

We will look to arrange friendly matches throughout the season. We feel it is important to take part in matches, they are lots of fun and will also help the girls to learn the rules of the game without the pressure of a competitive game. It is not about win, lose or draw it’s about learning!

Three sessions are run for the girls to get involved in:

Mini Gems – 5-8 years old (Year 1-3)
Junior Diamonds 8-12 years old (Year 4-7)
Senior Stars 12-16 years old (Year 8-12)

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For more information on the development centre please get in touch with Donna Graham & Carol Checkley.

Development Centre Team