Club Secretary Dan Birchmore

Club Secretary
Proud father of two, Dan has had a long association with the club with many of his school friends playing at the time and many still involved now in the Vets team.He began his journey with the club back in 2005 when his eldest son Bradley was part of Neil Richards legendary soccer school. He went on to run an age group and remained with the club till 2010 when he moved away from the area. He went on to hold numerous roles at Old Windsor Tigers, OId Windsor FC and Windsor FC. More recently he served his apprenticeship under his mentor Alan King whilst looking after the u18 Allied side at Windsor FC where he took over from Alan and served as Club Secretary for around 18 months.Following retirement at Windsor Dan was approached and “encouraged” by Neil Richards and Doug Page to get back involved and was delighted to return home amongst the familiar faces and too where it all began in 2019. His wife Sandra thanks them both for the peace and quiet at home and he can often be found loitering around the club so please do say hello.