Baggage Hub

Baggage Hub are the experts when it comes to overseas baggage and shipping. They offer low rates and bespoke packing alongside expert shipping services to anyone looking to move their boxes and bags from A to B.

People pack their lives into a box for many reasons. No matter its size it holds anticipation, trepidation and excitement. Every box means something to someone. Every box means something to us.

Our easy to use technology unlocks the moving of smaller shipments focusing upon the global trend for relocation. Our innovative technology and responsible mindset is the source of support and reliability that embellishes the lives of those entrusted to us. We play a valued and significant part in the life stories of those who are inspired to move their world, no matter how great or small. Although we are a tech company we are also a lifestyle brand: we’re about people, their possessions, their story and as the demand for smaller shipments increases our technological innovation never stops.

Every move is personal…

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