Wokingham & Emmbrook U9 Sumas v Ascot United U9 Raiders





It looked more like a damp January morning, rather than the second weekend in May.  The rain had been relentless all night but the cricket pitch / football pitch had held up ok and the home team managed to find a dry-ish part for the football today. The rain was hard during the warm up but eased off for the match itself.

Q1 saw both teams get straight to work. This W&E team had been a tough team in the recent fixture at Ascot, but they seemed to come out a bit stronger on their home turf.  With the conditions it appeared that both teams favoured the long ball as an attacking method. Ascot got first blood from a good team effort attack which finished with Ben providing the ball for Cian, who slotted away the first goal of the match. W&E fought back hard but Ascot held them for a while until W&E got a great shot on target which skidded past the keeper.  All square again.

Q2 and Ascot came out strong with real desire. Some great passing and tackling kept the pressure of W&E.  Ascot got a corner and Ben swung it in from the right side and the keeper tried to stop it but it went in to put Ascot back in the lead. W&E immediately came back and Ascot defended well. Eventually W&E had a counter attack which Ascot slowed but the turn and shot were brilliant to level the scores again.  Worth mentioning Jackson in goal made several great stops, with Archie B and Nathan providing a sound defence.

Q3 and W&E continued their attacks, with Ascot playing a great passing game to press the W&E goal. Good performances from Cian, Monty, James and Archie E up front.  Moving the ball well and playing a good passing game to gain ground. Ben worked the midfield in support with Archie B and Nathan backing up. But W&E managed to get through to take a lead.

Q4 saw Ascot get themselves back in the game with great passing moves, then James pounced on a loose ball from the keeper to get Ascot level again. Both teams would have been happy with this as the result, but they continued to play hard and press for a winner. W&E managed to get a counter attack goal near the end. Ascot then launched several attacks to try and get back to parity, but time ran out and it wasn’t to be today.

Well played both sides, great atmosphere and friendly football.

Match score avilable soon
Referee to be confirmed