Bournemouth Electric Veterans v Ascot United Veterans





How long ref?


Following the exertions of Friday evening there were a few walking wounded taking the pitch against Bournemouth Electric on a decent Sunday morning. Rich and Darren came down by train to join the Saturday evening entertainment and the Sunday squad.

As Ascot congregated by the clubhouse looking like one or two may have had late night, the players glanced up to see a very young looking Electric Vets squad walk past them. You could see their hearts lift – or something like that. This was going to take a lot of hard work. It did and the whole squad should feel massively proud of a really strong and positive team effort.

The game was probably 20 minutes too long for Ascot after 2 games in 2.5 days. The last 3 goals came when most on the pitch were totally spent.

Electric took the lead when a good press led to Ascot conceding possession in own third and they finished well. A poor cross field pass by Electric full back was not controlled well by the centre half and Jez nipped in to smash in the equaliser 1-1 after 20 minutes. Electric scored twice and it could’ve been more but Carl was lifting the troups with a great effort in shutting down, tackling and retaining possession. Both Nige and Rocket were playing well and the half finished 3-1. Very creditable half.

The number of interceptions and tackles made by Rocket and Neil continued to increase. Martin was working hard and Darren too. It was hard to get out and create but Ascot did have a few good situations in the second half. In a desperate attempt to win back possession, Rocket managed to do a full and slightly jerky 360 spin which brought back breaking dancing memories to those on the sidelines.

Game finished 6-1 with the final goal coming in the 3rd minute of injury time (I kid you not – what a t***).

Heroes. Every single one of them.

A few beers then back to Ascot to watch the final games of the premier league. I imagine Monday morning had a slow start for most. Brilliant effort and team spirit.

Team : Harrison, Good, Gatehouse, Corbett, Lewis, Heard, Simpson, Flurry, Hussain, Myhan, England, Sidhu, Brine, Standing B, Kay



Bournemouth Electric Veterans6

Ascot United 1st X1 Veterans1
Referee to be confirmed