Hawley Youth Raiders vs. Ascot United U9 Raiders





Away match on quite a bumpy pitch with a little more than a gentle slope, but this was apparently much better than the original pitch allocated, we will be thankful for that!

Hawley Raiders started with determined attacks which Ascot weathered well. Ascot’s shape was not perfect in Q1 and this allowed Hawley more room than they should have had to coordinate their attacks.  Towards the end of Q1 started playing better and were coming back into the game.

Q2 Ascot started better and had some more attacks, but the finishing power just eluded them today. Hawley countered and managed to drag Ascot’s defence to the front post, they crossed to an unmarked player at the edge of the box and he side footed it in. Ascot were not down hearted and got their shape back to launch more unsuccessful attacks on the Hawley goal, just the final shot was blocked or not powerful enough to get into the goal.

Q3 and Hawley came out with their turbos running, their full team attacking the Ascot goal at once. Ascot kept their nerve and defended well to deny any scoring. Ascot then started their own attacks with great passing moves to really open up Hawley. It looked like Ascot were going to draw level, but their finishing boots were in the cupboard at home today.

Q4 saw Hawley start to tire and Ascot kept pressing hard. Unfortunately for Ascot, Hawley managed to defend multiple attacks and Ascot were left goalless today.

Good game, played on a hard and bumpy pitch. The sun was out and the boys put huge effort into trying to win. Overall the match was very even, just the one counter attack managed to secure a goal for Hawley. Well played all the boys.

Match score avilable soon
Referee to be confirmed