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Club News
All Managers Meeting Monday 3rd April 8pm
There will be a meeting for all managers, coaches and administrators on Monday 3rd April at 8.00pm at the Saints Pavilion. The purpose of the meeting is to go through what is happening through to the end of this season (eg pitch closure and end of training dates,>>
Windsor Boys School in Schools National Cup Final
Four Ascot United Allied Counties and Under 16 youth squad members, Adam Forder,>>
Update on Festival Tournament Bookings - 13/03/17
All four tournaments on 30th April ( U7s and U8s) and 1st May (U9s and U10s) are now fully booked.>>
FA Emergency Aid & Safeguarding Courses at Ascot
Emergency Aid (EA) and Safeguarding Children (SGC) certificates expire after 3 years and a number of >>
Update on EA and SGC Course Bookings
As at Tuesday 21st February confirmed bookings for EA and SGC courses at Ascot are;>>
FA Level 1 Course at Ascot United in May 2017
The FA Level 1 Football coaching qualification is the single most popular sporting qualification in the >>
Ascot United's Annual Festival of Football 2017
Our 2017 end of season Festival of Football will be held at the Racecourse Ground on the following dates;>>
Next Club Event - 06/05/2017
Presentation Fun Day
Club Announcements
ACS Egham - The World Beyond the Classroom
Racecourse host Community Cricket Match 23rd April
Opening and Closing Car Park at Charters School
Pitch Allocation - Revised 29 August 2016
Training Slots 2016-2017 Revised 26 August
International Clearance
Latest Match Results - click for details
Age Team Res H- A loc Date Rp
Development Development W 1- 0 (A) 21/03 y
Ladies Ladies W 4- 1 (H) 19/03 y
U14 Girls Diamonds L 2- 4 (H) 19/03 y
U11 Girls Diamonds W - (H) 19/03 -
U18 Boys Aces W 1- 0 (A) 19/03 -
U14 Boys Youth W 2- 1 (A) 19/03 -
Veterans Veterans L 2- 5 (H) 19/03 y
U12 Boys Youth W 5- 2 (H) 19/03 y
U13 Boys Youth L 0- 3 (A) 19/03 y
U15 Girls Diamonds W 6- 3 (H) 19/03 y
U13 Boys Rangers W 5- 1 (H) 18/03 -
U14 Boys Racing L 1- 5 (A) 18/03 y
U12 Boys Arrows L 0- 5 (H) 18/03 y
U12 Boys Royals W 5- 0 (H) 18/03 y
Ascot United United L 1- 3 (H) 18/03 y
U16 Boys Royals W 5- 2 (H) 18/03 y
U18 Boys Spartans W 4- 3 (H) 18/03 y
U12 Boys Aces W 3- 1 (H) 18/03 -
U13 Boys Hornets W 6- 3 (H) 18/03 -
U12 Boys Saints L 0- 5 (A) 18/03 y

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